Jason Scavone

Singer, songwriter, producer…

Upcoming Shows

10/7 – Rocktoberfest
Charlotte, NC

10/18 – Confluence Music Conference
Neighborhood Theatre – Charlotte, NC

11/2 – Amos Southend
Charlotte, NC

11/25 – Summit Coffee
Davidson, NC

Meet Jason

With an undeniable gift for songwriting that illuminates the joyous, mundane and oftentimes bewildering experiences of life, North Carolina based singer, songwriter & producer Jason Scavone has developed a unique sound that transcends traditional genre barriers, delivering a unique musical thumbprint that seamlessly melds the best of indie, pop, americana & rock.

Highlights from Jason’s musical journey include serving as frontman/songwriter for The Noises 10, recording a duet of “My Repair” with Brandi Carlile, and performing with acts like Jason Isbell, Brandi Carlile, American Authors, Plain White T’s, Thirty Seconds To Mars, & Derek Trucks Band. His songs have been featured in TV shows like One Tree Hill, Criminal Minds, The City, commercials for Range Rover and Bojangles, as well as Indie films such as Poor Boy, and Valiant. Jason has worked in recording studios for almost 20 years alongside such notable producers as Eric Valentine, Al Sutton, Joe Pisapia, and Tom Schick.

Singer • Songwriter • Producer

Jason Scavone’s musical touch strums the heartstrings with a fervent voice that resounds like a timeless hymn. 

As a songwriter, Jason plucks threads from the loom of existence, weaving tales that bleed truth and passion. Love’s flames, the bitter harvest of life, the struggle for purpose, and the slow bloom of self-discovery – these themes are the marrow of his work.

Beyond the spotlight, Scavone is an accomplished record producer. His creative haven is the beloved Sioux Sioux Studio, nestled in the heart of Charlotte, NC. Here, he pours into every facet of sound with a meticulous touch. His finely tuned ear and unwavering commitment to perfection guide the arrangement of instruments and the shaping of sonic landscapes, to manifest an auditory tapestry that aligns flawlessly with the musical vision of the artists he works with.

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